I am a 15 year brain tumor survivor. I’ve done a little bit of all standard treatment protocols. Two craniotomies. Radiation. Year and a half of the oral chemo Temodar. Six months of three chemos together called PCV. and I was on a brain tumor trial called Abemaciclib. It’s worked for 11 months and stabilized the tumor but not fast enough. I lost my left side within three weeks. I’m left side dominant. So I’m relearning to walk without falling. I fall a lot still. This happened quickly in July 2018. I hope to still train jiu-jitsu. And for this match I customized my game quickly into a right side only game. Here I am at TapCancerOut Orlando 2018. This was my first and last tournament. The trial ended in June and now I have to do my second treatment of radiation treatment or become fully paralyzed. My treatment will be throughout July 2019.  I hope to be able to train bjj again but surviving cancer now is now my main priority.


I also relearned how to draw with my right hand. I’m an artist so that was huge to me. My drawings are on Instagram @byronkingart.

Mu radiation treatment will cost over 100K an even with medicare and VA disability I will need to pay 20%. Brain cancer is relentless and the most expensive.  

The show concept:

The Cure:

30 drawings. Meditations on life and death and jiu-jitsu while surviving brain cancer. 
From an artist and 14 year brain cancer survivor using Brazilian jiu-jitsu as a metaphor for fighting cancer.

These are all giclee on fine art paper. They are print on demand. So there are no prints if there is no demand. Kind of like the show.

Originally I had my friend do a proof of The Singularity as a silkscreen. It turned out well. But then I thought about all the labor he’d have to do for the show with no guarantee he’d make any money back for his labor.

The more I thought about it the more sense it made to go fully digital. After all these might look like charcoal drawings but they are all digitally drawn on an HP Chromebook x 2, using Autodesk Sketchbook. I redrew left handed drawings with my right hand. Totally technology assisted after losing my left side to my brain tumor in July. It took me nine days to be able to draw again. Those first few drawings I now see as tests.

These few are what you can expect from the show. I now have a style as close to being physical as possible. I only use a 2B pencil. An eraser. Smudge tool. Technical pen.

This way my digital art is the least digital it can be and the closest it can be to what I could do with my left hand. I hope you enjoy my work and hope I can get to 20 drawings for the show. Please buy a print. Your support will make me realize there is support for the full show.

Plus this way there is no stress. If I have a show or not. Slowly I’ll be adding new drawings here. You now can buy my drawings on demand.

I can just focus on the work.

Love you all.

Thx so much for your support on this cancer journey.


Byron King